Saturday, January 2, 2010

Keeping up an 800-year tradition of drunken university antics

It's the banner headline in today's CAMBRIDGE NEWS, which I picked up during a day-long visit to the famed university town:
A learned institution also noted for it's students' reckless attempt to free-climb the outsides of 800-year-old college buildings, CAMBRIDGE faces a pressing crisis, according to "Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells," who e-mailed the following comment to the newspaper following a recent night of on-the-piss escapades by layabouts:
"Complete and utter madness. What on Earth is this country coming to? Where on Earth is the pleasure in spending hard-earned money on alcohol, and then just vomiting it onto the street?"
INGER made a dead valid point in this raging debate:
"It's not the students' hard-earned money. It's mummy and daddy's money or part of their college grant."
Here, here.
Don't let a few Tunbridge Wells disgusteds ruin the pissed vomiting of Cambridge students!

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