Monday, January 4, 2010

To Ms. Annika Hogstrom: An apology

I couldn't help myself.
I know I promised 10-year-old ANNIKA I wouldn't eat any "bunny" when I was here.
I completely intended to keep that promise -- the "game terrine" at Corrigan's Mayfair didn't contain any rabbit *to my knowledge.*
However, when INGER and I entered the HARWOOD ARMS gastro-pub in FULHAM yesterday, we were met with this blackboard-advertised, daily special:
"Whole rabbit leg stewed in cider & mustard with smoked bacon, prunes and brussel tops."
You had me at "stewed in cider."
I had to order it!
Before it arrived, Inger and I shared a starter: chanterelle and Jerusalem artichoke tart with watercress and Ragstone goats' cheese.
The rabbit arrived, and it fell off the bone and tasted absolutely glorious.
"Don't tell Annika it was a bunny," Inger helpfully advised. "Tell her it was a mean old hare."
In either case, I am now formally apologising to you, Annika. I am sorry, but I simply had to order the rabbit.

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