Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The most fitting farewell

I couldn't think of a better way to conclude my visit to LONDON.
I browsed a used bookshop in NOTTING HILL GATE and found four treasures for a total of two quid:
1. "THE CRICKETER'S BEDSIDE BOOK," a 1966 collection of 31 historical essays, edited by the late Ron Roberts.
2. SHOOT! magazine from 21st of May, 1977 (Arsenal's David O'Leary and Bristol City's Paul Cheesley on the cover).
3. SHOOT! magazine from 10th of June, 1978 (Tottenham's Glenn Hoddle and Southampton's Nick Holmes on the cover).
4. SHOOT! magazine from 24th of February, 1979 (Tottenham's Osvaldo Ardiles on the cover).
It was actually a SHOOT! magazine from 1983 that helped fuel my ANGLOPHILE tendencies, back in my youth.
As I prepared for bed on my final night in London, I sipped cider (two-litre bottles of STRONGBOW? Rule Britannia indeed!), listening to TEST MATCH SPECIAL on the radio and read the old soccer magazines.
It seemed like a perfect way to say farewell.

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